Rain Is Falling (Official Lyric Video)
The Truth Is The Truth (Forrest Sessions)
The Truth Is The Truth (Forrest Sessions)
I Don´t Care (Forrest Sessions)
Let Countrylife Live (Forrest Sessions)


Siiri - a captivating voice and touching songs.


Growing up in a large family, she lives with her parents in the middle of nature on a forest farm in the Sauerland region, looks after the various animals and helps to manage the associated forest.

The blonde singer discovered her feeling for music, polyphonic singing, various musical instruments and, above all, her love for the Americana country music, which she never lets go of until today.


During her studies she started with street music and has successfully earned her money with it to this day. Only with her charismatic voice and her guitar is she on the road in the cities of the republic and meets with the best response from her listeners everywhere.


Her touching songs, accompanied by her guitar, deal with her own experiences and observations, country life, equality and inner peace, and she sounds absolutely authentic ... just as authentic as she is!


Her first album will be released in 2021!


stay tuned...

Photo: Sarah Kaiser Photography




Michael Danielak & Frank Kühnlein GbR

Hauptstrasse 84

97299 Zell am Main